Tried and True WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs

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WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform for building websites (and my personal favorite!). Plugins are where you can really customize your website and make it unique. Plugins extend the functionality of your website, allowing you to add features and customize your site to meet your specific needs. With over 70,000 available, there is a plugin for almost anything. While exciting, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. Here are some tried and true WordPress plugins that can help get your website on the right track.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is essential for optimizing your website for search engines. It helps you write better content, improve your site’s structure, and make it easier for search engines to find and index your pages. I love this plugin because it truly takes the guesswork out of optimizing any kind of content. It gives you a readability and SEO score for blog posts and even gives you specific tips on how to improve them. And these are just some of the features this tool offers!


Looking for a plugin that serves multiple purposes? This plugin is a suite of tools that can help you with everything from security to performance to social media sharing. With both free and premium features, it’s a great all-in-one plugin for WordPress users. It also has an iOS and Android App, making it easy to maintain your website on the go. 


One of the major functions of being an entrepreneur is to make money, right? WooCommerce is one of my favorites due to its ability to transform your site into a fully functional online store. It also seamlessly integrates with multiple payment platforms. Whether you are selling merch or your very own products, WooCommerce makes e-commerce a simple, seamless experience.


Website performance is a big part of user experience. So much that it can drive the difference between a new customer and a lost one. Especially after you’ve been adding content and images to your website, it can be easy to slow down your website over time. This plugin helps you clean up your database, compress images, and cache your site for better performance.

Wordfence Security

Security is a top priority for any website owner. A hacked website can be a nightmare to deal with and cost money and time to fix. Wordfence Security helps protect your site from hackers with its firewall and malware scanner and identifies and removes potential threats. Whether you choose this or a similar tool, make sure you have a plugin that protects your website. 


Spam comments are nearly unavoidable and can also be a major headache, especially if you blog frequently. Instead of spending your time manually removing them, Akismet filters out spam comments automatically, saving you time and keeping your site clean.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can really dampen your website’s user experience. But they happen, and they can be out of your control, especially if they link to external websites. Broken Link Checker is a handy plugin that helps you maintain the integrity of your site by finding and fixing broken links. The beauty is that it does this automatically and saves you tons of time in the long run. 

The right combination of plugins can significantly enhance your WordPress website’s functionality, security, and user experience. While the needs of each website may vary, these tools can get you started with the basics of enhancing the functionality of your website! Want to discuss WordPress plugins that can elevate your website? Contact us, and we will be happy to discuss this further!

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