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Comprehensive Website Audit

Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website. Our free SEO audit will review these and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from its potential.

Additionally, we provide a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve.

Audit any website with over 100+ checks in seconds

On-Page SEO

Check best practice page & meta structure including SSL & Structured Data


Checks rankings by location, estimates search traffic and returns SERP position distribution


Counts external backlinks, referring domains, returns Moz DA and lists top backlinks


Checks device rendering, Google’s Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights


Runs server response time and page resources checks including compression and Google AMP


Checks connected social pages Open Graph Tags, Pixels and Twitter Cards

☑️ Title Tag
☑️ Target Keyword in Title Tag
☑️ Meta Description Tag
☑️ Target Keyword in Meta Description Tag
☑️ SERP Snippet Preview
☑️ Hreflang Tag
☑️ Lang attribute in Header Tag
☑️ H1 Header Tag Usage
☑️ Target Keyword in H1
☑️ H2-H6 Header Tag Usage
☑️ Keyword Consistency
☑️ Amount of Content
☑️ Image Alt Attributes
☑️ Target Keyword in Image Alt Attributes
☑️ Canonical Tag
☑️ Noindex Tag Test
☑️ Noindex Header Test
☑️ SSL Enabled
☑️ HTTPS Redirect
☑️ Robots.txt
☑️ Blocked by Robots.txt
☑️ XML Sitemaps
☑️ Analytics
☑️ Structured Data
☑️ Top Keyword Rankings

☑️ Total Traffic From Search
☑️ Keyword Positions
☑️ Backlinks
☑️ Backlinks List
☑️ On-Page Links
☑️ Friendly Links
☑️ Target Keyword in URL
☑️ Device Rendering
☑️ Use of Mobile Viewports
☑️ Google’s Core Web Vitals
☑️ PageSpeed Insights – Mobile
☑️ PageSpeed Insights – Desktop
☑️ Flash used?
☑️ iFrames used?
☑️ Favicon
☑️ Email Privacy
☑️ Legible Font Sizes
☑️ Tap Target Sizing
☑️ Page Speed
☑️ Download Page Size
☑️ Website Compression (Gzip, Deflate, Brotli)
☑️ Number of Objects Loaded
☑️ Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
☑️ Javascript Errors
☑️ HTTP2 Usage

☑️ Image Optimization
☑️ Minification
☑️ Deprecated HTML
☑️ Inline Styles
☑️ Facebook Page Connected
☑️ Facebook Open Graph Tags
☑️ Facebook Pixel
☑️ Twitter Connected
☑️ Twitter Cards
☑️ Twitter Activity
☑️ Instagram Connected
☑️ YouTube Connected
☑️ YouTube Activity
☑️ LinkedIn Connected
☑️ Address & Phone Shown on Website
☑️ Local Business Schema
☑️ Google Business Profile Identified
☑️ Google Business Profile Completeness
☑️ Google Reviews
☑️ Technology List
☑️ Server IP Address
☑️ DNS Servers
☑️ Web server
☑️ Charset